ESA (Energy Savers Agreement)

What is an ESA

ESA stands for…


With the purchase of your “ESA” you will have peace of mind that our professional and courteous service team will properly maintain your Heating and Air Conditioning System. With the proper maintenance your system will run at its peak efficiency for just pennies a day.

As an ESA member you will receive:

  1. One annual precision turn-up, professional cleaning, Safety Check, and rejuvenation of your air conditioner (early spring to summer).
  2. One annual precision turn-up, professional cleaning, Safety Check, and rejuvenation of your furnace (early fall to winter).


  1. LIFESPAN – Your system can last up to twice as long. It’s like getting TWO air conditioners and TWO Furnaces for the price of one. The annual services you receive as part of your Energy Savings Agreement membership can double the remaining life of your air conditioner and furnace.
  2. SAVE $ and SAVE THE EARTH – Your savings on utility bills can easily pay for annual service. It’s the closest thing to a guaranteed profit investment. Residential cooling & heating systems are the #1 consumers of electricity and gas in America. Start saving your money and saving the planet today.
  3. BREAKDOWN-FREE GUARANTEE – Walton’s Heating and Air annual service reduces breakdowns so much, we guarantee that if your furnace or air conditioner needs repairs after we perform our precision tune-up, the diagnostic and safety inspection fee will be waived.
  4. PREMIER CLIENT REWARDS – As an Energy Savings Agreement member, you enjoy special privileges.
    1. Priority Customer -If you ever need service, you immediately go to the front of the line when setting your appointment. You are serviced in hours not days!
    2. Discount Repair Service – You also receive 15% off any parts or equipment for any of your future heating or air conditioning needs.
  5. THE AGREEMENT IS TRANSFERABLE – It will add value to your home.

Energy Savings Agreements (ESA)

With our Energy Savings Agreement, we will provide a complete precision tune-up semi-annually for your heating and air conditioning equipment.
Our Energy Savings Agreements (ESA), are offered at an affordable price, with long term benefits designed to extend the efficiency of your system. We provide a single unit home with (2) semi-annual precision inspections for only $195.00 a year. We also offer discounts on multi-system homes and multi-year agreements.

To take advantage of this program, please contact Walton’s Heating and Air to speak with one of our comfort specialists.

Semi-Annual Precision Tune-ups

Our Precision Tune-Ups include:

Summer Tune-Up

  • Wash condenser coil
  • Compressor and all fan motors are checked for proper amp draw
  • Proper supply voltage to unit is checked
  • All electrical connections are checked
  • Capacitor are checked to ensure proper starting and running efficiency
  • Refrigerant levels are checked and adjusted if necessary to ensure optimum cooling
  • Test safety controls
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Flush out condensate drain line
  • Check evaporator coil for cleanliness
  • Check temperature split (17º-21º)
  • Replaced filter (supplied by customer)
  • Review inspection with customer, and discuss any recommended repairs

Winter Tune-Up Special

  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Inspect ignition assembly
  • Inspect vent or flue pipe
  • Check for proper gas pressure at gas valve
  • Test all safety controls
  • Check for any combustion gas leaks
  • Check blower motor amps and capacitor
  • Check sequence of operation
  • Check amp draw of electric elements
  • Check for tight electrical connections
  • Check heat rise
  • Check blower wheel for cleanliness
  • Ensure safe operation of heater
  • Review inspection with customer, and discuss and recommended repairs

Maintenance + Efficiency = Energy Savings

Proper maintenance and service of your comfort systems will prolong the life of your system as well as keep it running at peak efficiency, saving you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower utility bills
  • No overtime charges
  • Extend equipment life
  • Fewer unexpected repairs
  • Improved capacity & efficiency
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Priority customer classification
  • Inflation protection
  • Transferrable agreement
  • Peace of mind
  • Early problem detection